What is Microsoft Silverlight and why it’s being shut down?

Microsoft Silverlight
Microsoft Silverlight

In this article, we will talk about what is Microsoft Silverlight. If you have visited the Microsoft website you may have noticed that Microsoft would prompt you to install a software called Silverlight, that is only if it has not already been pushed into your system.
You may also have noticed that it does not show up as an important update but simply a recommended one, so the question is what is Silverlight.
Silverlight was Microsoft’s answer to Adobe Flash. Microsoft wanted it to be its competitor however Adobe Flash remained the leading web standard for browser-based multimedia applications very similar to Adobe Flash Microsoft’s Silverlight integrates animations video and interactivity into web pages.

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Difference Between Adobe and Silverlight?

Flash vs Silverlight
Difference Between Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight and Adobe Flash would help web developers to achieve things that would be very difficult to do with plain HTML which is the core language of web pages.
If you want to view content that was intended for Adobe Flash software you would need Adobe Flash installed on your computer, similarly if you want to view content that was intended for Silverlight you would need Microsoft Silverlight installed.
Most of the multimedia content available on the web today requires Adobe flash, if you uninstall Adobe Flash from your computer you will start to see missing content on most of the web sites including Youtube but if you uninstall Silverlight you’ll hardly notice any difference unless you use eBay on regular basis and watch Netflix on your computer.

Microsoft Silverlight
Create and Publish by Silverlight

Why Silverlight is being shut down?

Microsoft has officially announced in 2012 that it is stopped the development of silver light although security patches and bug fixes will be supported till 2021.
Netflix has now started looking for an alternative most likely it will be html5 if you use a modem regularly updated web browser then most likely you will not notice the transition since html5 does not require any plugin, it is built into the browser.

Is it necessary to install Microsoft Silverlight?

It’s not necessary to download Silverlight only if you need it for a particular website but almost all reputed websites don’t require Silverlight. On the launch of Windows 11, it’s clear that Silverlight will be ending soon in 2021.

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