Top Programming Languages Used To Develop Mobile App

Programming language
Top Programming Language

In this article, we will talk about the top programming languages used to develop a mobile app. Now just to burst your bubble right away there is no universal top language and that’s because it largely depends on what goals you are looking for.
We all possibly use mobile apps in our daily routine. There are still many applications to be developed for every human need. As a result of COVID-19, 33 billion apps were downloaded in 2021 globally. So, we all know about the steady rise in mobile application demand since the smartphone invented.
There are many factors to be considered to build the mobile app like you want to build a mobile app for a particular platform or you want to create an app for all open stores and sources. So, keeping all these factors in mind you need to choose the right mobile programming language for your application.

Major programming languages used for developing a mobile application:

Swift :

Programming  language
SWIFT Language

Swift is basically for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Also, it is considered to be a powerful and instinctive programming language. Swift can perform on Cocoa and Cocoa Touch platforms and require less maintenance.

Python :

Programming language
Python For Mobile App Development

Python is one the most common and widely acceptable programming languages, as you can take an idea from examples like Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, they all work on python language. If you are looking to learn any programing language then you should consider Python first.


Develop mobile App
PHP Language

PHP is an easy to learn a programming language, which is commonly used for building e-commerce websites and applications. Some of the popular websites that are on PHP are Wikipedia, Facebook, and Yahoo.


Language for Mobile App
Learn Java Language

JAVA is an official language for Android applications, So you can imagine how important this language is and also it’s considered to be one of the easy handle languages to develop Android apps, games, server apps, embedded space, websites, and more.

Factors that can help you to choose the best Programming language :

Develop mobile application
Factors for Mobile Application Development

1 – Firstly Target the platform according to your mobile application.
2 – Consider the adaptability of the language.
3 – Time is taken for developing the application.
4 – Check If a particular language supports the size of your application.
5 – Keep in your mind the purpose to develop an app.

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