Earn money blogging

How To Earn Money From Blogging

Make money blogging
Earn money with Blogging

In this Pandemic period, we all are looking for various ways to earn money from online platforms and in this article, we will guide you that how you can earn money from blogging?
Many questions must be revolving inside your brain like
1 – Is it possible to make money blogging?
2 – How much I can earn by blogging?
3 – What topics should I choose to blog about to make money?
4 – How much time should I give for blogging?
5 – Can I make money by talking about my life?
If all these questions are striking inside your mind then you are in the right place, you will get all your answers related to income from blogging.
A Few years back, blogging was just a hobby or a part-time job for all of us but believe me things have changed now many of us are earning a good amount of money from blogging only.

How Much money you can earn from blogging?

There are different levels of blogging according to content and other factors by which you can earn from $1000 to $2million a year.
The money you earn directly depend on some factors like :
1- How much time you are giving to learn and implement on your blogs?
2 – What kind of S.E.O techniques are you implementing?
3 – Which topic you are picking?
4 – What kind of readers or visitors you are targeting?
These are some factors that you should keep on your mind as a beginner before starting a blog.
You can also browse other articles on the internet according to your interest So that you can take an idea from them and then implement them on your blog to make it better.

What are the various ways bloggers make money?

Make money blogging

There are many ways by which bloggers make money according to their blogging level. Some of the ways are mentioned below:
1 – By Ad Networks like AdSense, Media.net
2 – Affiliate marketing
3 – Paid reviews
4 – Sale products like ebooks, blueprints
5 – Offer online services or consulting
6 – Native advertising
7 – Direct Advertising
These are some simple methods which almost every blogger implement to make money from blogging.

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What should you blog about to make money?

If you don’t want to blog about your life then you can browse the internet for a topic that is in trend and converting high traffic.
You can also talk about your passion like windows 11, bodybuilding, cooking or any other sport or art form which you want to let the world know.
Check the competition level about the niche you looking to start because it’s not easy to stand for a beginner in front of big players. Try to find topics with less competition, so it will take less time for you to start earning from your blog.

Where you will receive your Blogging money?

Make money blogging

There are some famous ways by which you can receive money from the advertisements on your blogs:
1- PayPal
2 – Payoneer
3 – Tansferwise
4 – Crypto Payment ( Coin Base)
These are easy to use and safe modes to receive money. I recommend you to make an account on all of these websites and making an account on them are free.

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